Who We Are

Outstanding people have one thing in common: An absolute sense of mission.

Who We Are

Today, Tompkinsville UMC is a small, rural church that retains the scripture based principles and open friendliness of its forefathers while embracing the change demanded by the future. While it is a mostly white membership, it is diverse in that it has members from other Protestant and Catholic churches attend our special services such as Easter Sunrise Service and our lively and informative Bible Studies such as our Soup and Scripture Advent and Lenten Studies. We also have a member who is from the LBGTQ community and members of the Catholic Church who participate in our Adult Sunday School.

Tompkinsville UMC is also blessed with its current pastor, Pastor Beth Taylor, who provides uplifting sermons that bring the Scriptures to life and application to our 21 st Century lives. As several of the men in the congregation have said, “I don’t fall asleep during her sermons.” She also visits members who are ill or just need someone to talk to.

We also have small, active groups such as our engaged Church Council and our United Methodist Women that undertakes local and global missions which with the help of the entire congregation has in the past supported temporary shelters and drinking water for Haiti after the devastating earthquake, purchased a cow for a family in Africa, supported three local families in need over the past year, and more. We’ve already mentioned the Adult Sunday School Class which is currently studying the Gospels in chronological order at glacial pace, but learning how to apply their deep truths to 21 st Century living with laughter and fellowship.

The full congregation is also engaged. It gives generously to our Living Simply (So That Others Can Simply Live) Jar the proceeds of which are donated to one of our sister church’s Food Pantry. It also supports initiatives to fight pandemic poverty, pandemic disease, environmental degradation, the proliferation of weapons and the proliferation of violence in response to our Bishop’s pastoral letter by giving to efforts to provide wells for drinking water in Africa and mosquito nets where they are needed worldwide as well as reducing our carbon footprint here at home.

If you are looking for a warm, loving, active church family where you can learn what it means to be a better Christian in the 21st Century and how to improve your relationship with God, yourself and others, look into attending a Sunday worship service, Adult Sunday School or a Bible Study where the soup is hot, the bread crusty, the discussions lively and the fellowship warm.

Our Goals

  1. To foster healthy, growing relationships with God, ourselves and others.
  2. To nurture our Church Family.
  3. To reach out to make disciples for Christ.
  4. To serve the local and global communities.
  5. To Implement the Bishops’ Pastoral Letter “God’s Renewed Creation: Call to Hope and Action”
    1. This is a call by our Bishop’s to fight the threats to our world, our lives and our hopes; i.e.,
      1. Pandemic Poverty
      2. Pandemic Disease
      3. Environmental Degradation
      4. Proliferation of Weapons
      5. Proliferation of Violence