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How to Give

Invest financially in God’s work through Tompkinsville United Methodist Church by returning to God your tithe (10%). Giving back to God is a matter of the heart, not finances. Your heart follows your money and your financial investment in His work will impact the lives of many.

We offer two different ways to give. A direct debit (bank account) or credit/debit card. Due to lower fees, please consider donating via the direct debit option if possible.

We have teamed up with our partners at Plaid to process direct debit donations. After inputting your information, there is a button at the bottom of the donation form that says “direct debit”. This will open a window allowing you to find and login to your banking institution. This will allow for a seamless authentication of your bank account and transfer of funds to TUMC.

Of note, Plaid currently has secure communications with over 9,000 banking institutions. Not every institution is available through this secure infrastructure.

We appreciate all gifts (of any size) as they assist us in covering our operating costs.

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